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by Keshi Sacdalan

8 min, Australia, English & Tagalog

 Inspired by a Filipino folktale about a creature called “Aswang”, this short film tells the story of a pregnant wife, Luisa, who finds herself in a dilemma due to her husband Jake’s indifference about their unborn child. In denial of her reality, and stubborn against her friend’s advice, Luisa continues to hope that Jake will one day come home as the loving man he once was. As Luisa plucks up her courage to face her problems, a sinister creature lurks around. What follows next is unknown.

Keshi Sacdalan is an emerging filmmaker who grew up in the Philippines and moved to Australia at the age of 18. Keshi loves to explore the realms of both fiction and non-fiction. She is passionate about inclusive and culturally rich stories, especially those where she can share her Filipino culture. Keshi believes that there are more unique stories that need to be shared about different culture and traditions. She also believes that language should not be a barrier to enjoy art and creativity. Keshi has directed short documentaries and narrative films highlighting Filipino stories such as “A Family’s Dream” (doco,2020) and “Arriving Home” (narrative, 2020). She also recently wrote and directed her graduate short film “Aswang”, a horror-drama short film inspired by a Filipino folktale.



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