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Back to Work

by Alexander Catedral

2 min, United States, English

 In the midst of a global crisis, many of my friends and family, who are Filipino American health care workers, risk their lives to help fellow Americans fight through and survive the pandemic. Their work in hospitals not only puts them at risk, but it also directly impacts their families as well. This is our story.

Alex Catedral is a photographer, cinematographer, and hip-hop artist based out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been exploring, expressing, and sharing my art for over 12 years through different mediums, but it’s been 8 years since he has been in business (! In the span of 8 years, he has done everything from senior photos, engagements, weddings, small business and fortune 500 commercials, seminary, product photography, food, fashion, real estate, documentaries, and even a campaign for a presidential candidate. If there was anything he learned through this process, it’s that behind each business or individual, there is a powerful story and even beyond that, a phenomenal human being!



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