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Faithless (Theme from ‘Cebu’)

Words and music by MiG Ayesa

5 min, United States, English

Executive Producer:  Virginia Travers

Vocals/Keyboards: MiG Ayesa
Guitars: Angus Clark
Drums: Dave Halpern

Song Produced by MiG Ayesa
Video Edited by MiG Ayesa for Lunaventure Films

Inspired by the novel ‘CEBU’ by Peter Bacho

Title Song for the screenplay and film CEBU. A young Filipino/ American Priest from Seattle travels back to his Mothers homeland for her burial. Set during the 1980’s and Ferdinand Marcos’s brutal regime. It deals with Gang Wars in Seattle and the  People’s Power movement in the Philippines.

Virginia Travers was born in the San Francisco Bay area and was educated both in California and Great Britain. In the 1990s, she got her first job working as Macaulay Culkin’s double and joined the Screen Actors Guild. Since then, she has worked on over 30 films and TV shows. She considers herself fortunate to have worked closely with Directors Francis Ford Coppola, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, John Carpenter and Mark Forestor. As a stand in and for rehearsals, where she learned what the director needs to set the scene.

MiG started his career in Australia in BUDDY. He was then chosen to join the London cast including a ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. MiG’s other West End credits include WE WILL ROCK YOU, RENT, THRILLER LIVE and SEASONS OF LARSON. In the Philippines, MiG played ‘Robert Kincaid’ in the first international production of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY and starred with Lea Salonga and Tanya Manalang for the major concert event CURTAINS UP, as well as his own concert celebrating Shangri-la’s 25th Anniversary, and originated the role of ‘Jamie Crimson’ in the World Premiere Production of ALL OUT OF LOVE. MiG starred as ‘Joe King’ in the TV series THE FERALS. A finalist in the global hit TV show ROCKSTAR:INXS, MiG released his self-titled debut album, through Decca/Universal and was an original cast member of HANDEL’S MESSIAH ROCKS: A JOYFUL NOISE. As well as releasing his 2nd album MORE THAN EVER, MiG has also penned theme songs for various TV shows including FIL IT UP, and IT’S ABOUT TIME as well as writing FILL MY CUP for FWD, as well as his own fund raising awareness campaign for the victims of Philippine floods with UNITED AS ONE.



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