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The Final Piece

by Rommel Andaya

15 min, United States, English

Tala is a second-generation Filipina-American teenager who is eager to start her journey away from home after being in the care of her overprotective mother, Leeta, who she’s had a strained relationship with her whole life. On the day before Tala’s big move to college in the east coast, she and Leeta unearth an old cargo box that they had started packing 13 years ago to send to the Philippines but never finished. Leeta convinces Tala, despite initial reluctance, to help finish packing the box as Leeta’s final request before Tala leaves for college. In this coming-of-age short film, Tala sets off on an unexpected 24-hour journey to help her mother procure every-day items to fill the box. Along the way, Tala uncovers the truth about what it means to show love and support in her family.

Rommel Andaya is a filmmaker known for his comedic dramas and time travel stories. With his production company, RAWMIX Productions, Rommel has been providing a platform for actors and creatives for a decade. As a proficient contributor to the 48 Hour Film Project in San Diego/Los Angeles and 72 Hour Film Shootout, he has garnered a couple of award-winning films that have been featured in many film festivals across the nation. Rommel immerses himself in all aspects of production and continues to create and have a foothold in both film and new media platforms.



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