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Kalinguan Tane Ing Lutu nang Ima (Time to Forget Mother’s Cooking)

by EJ Gagui

11 min, Philippines, Kapampangan

Letty goes home at her hometown for her mother’s first death anniversary. Her relatives begin calling her and requesting for a Bringhe, the specialty her mother has been known for in their family. From that, Letty is forced to attempt her mother’s cuisine and realize its good taste despite of their mourning.

EJ GAGUI is both a film student and a self-teaching young filmmaker from Pampanga. Despite of having no professional experience, his way of improving his craft is by creating shorts through his mobile phone and DSLR whether for fun or to be submitted in competitions. He got his first film recognition in 2018 through National Commission for Culture and Arts’ youth film contest about local literature receiving the third prize and Star Magic’s Light, Camera, Magic gaining a slot in Top 20 finalists. In 2019, he made waves internationally in a youth film festival in Slovenia and Romania and a Filipino film festival in Seattle. He dreams and hopes that someday, his efforts will make him able to join our master contributors and filmmakers of our beloved Philippine cinema.



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