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Kato: A New Page

by Vincent Eclavea Jr.

14 min, United States, English

A re-imagined AAPI super hero icon faces off in a life and death duel. Our Asian protagonist faces the mediocrity of his ordinary day job, against his flights of fancy he experiences in the comic book world.  When his habits of escapism come into conflict with reality, he is put to the test to make decisions that might question the lens he views his own actions and circumstances.

Vincent Eclavea Jr. was born in Oakland, CA; raised in Salinas, CA; living in Los Angeles and is thoroughly Californian. He hails from Filipino, Chinese, and Guamanian descent. Having discovered acting in his post high school days, Vincent has since performed in films, commercials, and classical/contemporary theatre. He has studied at various institutions such as Stella Adler LA, American Conservatory Theater, and the now defunct IO West. In addition to acting, he is no stranger to cultivating skills to broaden his experiences and is an acrobat of learning. His hobbies include Hip-hop dance, boxing, and the martial arts. In his belief in the power of the hero’s journey, Vincent engages his imagination by frequently watching anime and considers it to be his nerdy obsession. He is now getting into producing stories that are connected to themes in line with his mission as an artist, and is a strong supporter for AAPI representation in the entertainment industry. He is currently an operating board member in the non-profit organization Filam Creative, which feeds his passion to elevate and collaborate with fellow Filipino-Americans and humans of all walks of life.



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